Wednesday 16 July 2008

July Ride and the explosive XR400

I went on an off road ride with some heli pilot friends on July 13th, we stayed in Cape Tribulation overnight...

On the way we had some tribulations of our own...

Things usually happen in three's.

First our friend Hector, crashed and hurt his shoulder, then Jason's bike
"an XR400" expired in a most catastrophic way.. (See pics..)

Then my front tyre went flat (the stem pulled out) Ian had the only spare tube and was 30 Kms away, therefore I proceeded to ride the 30 Kms to Cape Trib on a very rough, hilly rocky road, in the dark with my 1 candle power headlight at night..

Later many war stories were shared over a few schooners of beer... all up it was a great trip.